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Spiritbound has travelled for 15 years in full time in music ministry to churches across the country. For 50 weeks per year, at the rate of over 8,000 self-driven van miles per month, this ministry is committed to bringing you the highest quality of music ministry via praise and worship available today. Our focus is on bringing glory and honor to God, not to Spiritbound. The men of Spiritbound are down-to-earth, mature, and servant-hearted. While they don't focus on their own abilities, I believe they will impress you with their incredible God-given talents while maintaining an understanding of God's direction of this ministry and how He has blessed us over the past fifteen years. What we are, we owe to Him.

Our booking approach differs from most artists in that we know God is in control of our calendar and we trust He's in control of yours. It's not unusual for me to talk with a music minister for three or four years, building a friendship, before we ever schedule Spiritbound. We believe God opens the right doors for us as well as closes the appropriate ones.

We typically schedule ministry events on Fridays, Saturdays, and then a Sunday morning event and then at another church, a Sunday night event. Once Sunday night is over after a meal with the sponsoring church, the guys get in the van and drive to Nashville, whether they're in Denver or New York or Miami. They finish the paperwork in the office upon arriving home and then go home and rest. By Tuesday, they're back in the office, as each is responsible for a different area of the ministry, whether it be computer work, mailing packets and music, World Vision, upkeep of our van and trailer, or any other number of organizational details. Approximately once a quarter, we take an extended trip over several days. Occasionally we'll schedule Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Regarding financial needs, our full time ministry staff consists of six families. We have a weekly budget of $5,000 and when you contact us for a promotional packet and our latest CD, you will find a budget sheet included which shows you exactly what we do with our ministry income, in an effort to be accountable to the local church. You may also obtain our budget report online at the bottom of this page. We rely on our Sunday services to make up 75% of our weekly budget, since that's when most folks attend church, and then our Fridays and Saturdays are simply viewed as break-even dates, covering travel expenses and salaries. In this way, we don't limit the size of church we're able to minister in, and enjoy wonderful blessings in all sizes of churches. We have a genuine willingness to minister wherever the doors are open. If you would be interested in booking a concert, simply fill in the form below and we will contact you promptly to make arrangements! May God bless all you do!

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The information below is VITAL to a ministry event with Spiritbound. Thank you for taking the time to read through it carefully . . .

What to Expect: A SPIRITBOUND Concert Fact Sheet


As ministers of the gospel, each member of Spiritbound is a minister by desire and by profession Luke Woodard, Philip Calder and Russ Evers, along with our sound technician Ryan Schatz, each have formal education in church music and/or ministry education and this is their collective outlet for ministry. A Spiritbound concert is designed to uplift, inspire, to lead the Body to worship, and to use music as a means to the end of revealing Jesus Christ as Lord!


Spiritbound considers diversity a tool to be utilized rather than a stumbling block, because these men carry the influences of a variety of styles and they feel that the church is a reflection of these styles. From a cappella hymns to original contemporary songs to a little southern gospel, there isn't a dull moment as the audience is invited to clap along and even sing along!

World Vision

Since 1991, Spiritbound's partnership with World Vision International has expanded this ministry's world scope. In a five minute presentation, the group encourages members of the congregation to become involved with missions through World Vision or through the church's own outreach program. Child sponsorship packets are placed at the sales table and throughout the auditorium, making the ministry more accessible.


Music sales are obviously a vital part of income for Spiritbound and an extension of their ministry. Concert goers can expect to find the sales table neatly arranged with the group's most recent recordings reasonably priced and available on both CD and cassette. In addition, accompaniment soundtracks are also available for all of the Spiritbound music. Situated alongside is a World Vision display consisting of literature and child sponsorship packets.


Fourteen years of concert ministry combined with a vast amount of church feedback has helped Spiritbound design a sound system than enhances rather than distracts from the platform ministry. Our sound technician is sensitive to sound levels and constantly monitors them throughout the concert ensuring that volume is appropriate for each particular audience.

Spiritbound's 2001 Budget Report

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