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June of 1998 will be in our memories for years to come thanks to World Vision. The Artist Associate division of World Vision sent us to visit community projects in El Salvador.

One early morning in a mini-bus, together with the Director of El Salvador Ministries, we rolled down the bumpy roads minus our lunches. They caught up with us later. We visited the home of a mother and two children. Walls and ceilings made of scrap plastic, metal and sticks, dirt floors swept as clean as tile and a smoldering fire paint a picture of what we saw. Her smallest child, Marcos, one and a-half years old, cried continuously. The World Vision doctor checked the child and found his stomach laden with parasites. The mother had no money of her own to get him to a clinic for medicine. Luke made a decision there and then to become little Marcos' sponsor, and immediately the World Vision clinic distributed the medicine needed.

How wonderful it was to see the rapid response of World Vision to the child. What we saw there makes us even more committed to helping these precious children. In the midst of great poverty, hope is provided to children and families. Basic needs like food, clean water, latrines (waste disposal), housing, schooling, and helping families to produce their own income.

World Vision workers world-wide exude such love and genuine compassion toward the needy they care for. It is indeed a privilege for Spiritbound to be a participant in this extension of Christ's love around the world. Over 4,000 children have received sponsorship since we became Artist Associates in 1991. Each year people seem to respons more willingly. If you would like the opportunity of becoming a World Vision child care sponsor, refer to form at the bottom of this page and sign up today.

Spiritbound sponsors a child in Malawi. His name is Selemani Phiri. He is thirteen years old, and in a recent letter to us he said, "When I grow up, I want to be a preacher."

You see, each one really can make a difference. Start today by filling out the form below, or call Steve Butler at 1-800-879-9669. You can begin to change a life today.

When you sponsor a child through World Vision, here's what you provide:
  • At least one hot meal per day
  • An opportunity for education
  • Needed medical attention
  • Many other beneficial basic needs for life

Your commitment as a sponsor is:
  • $26.00 per month
  • Pray for your child
  • Write and encourage your child

How you make the $26.00 contributions:
  • Monthly, World Vision will send you a contribution envelope.
  • No payment today is necessary, but if you choose to sponsor a child today, you will be mailed a complimentary Spiritbound CD or cassette.

As a sponsor, you will receive.
  • A sponsorship kit which will contain a photo and information about your sponsored child and his or her family.
  • Monthly statements so you'll know how your giving is impacting the lives of needy children and families.
  • An annual Progress Report about your child so you'll know how your help is changing his or her life.
  • Colorful personalized greetings that you can send to your child at holidays and other times.

Sponsor A World Vision Child

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